For managing your incidents, Kibaro is a collaborative, easy-to-use and secure platform.

KIBARO proche de vous

KIBARO close to you

The KIBARO solution creates a virtuous circle within your community. It connects the general public, professionals and administrations. Incidents are reported in real time, followed up and processed by professionals who receive calls for tenders from the authorities. KIBARO helps develop the local economy.

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Benefit from a centralized and timely view real of all the reports reported on your administrative area and relating to your action perimeter.

Gain efficiency and optimize your costs by delegating, if necessary, the resolution of reports to a service partner referenced in KIBARO.

Gain responsiveness by concentrating your forces, not on detection, but on better resolution of reports raised by your fellow citizens.

Lean on a dashboard ergonomic to facilitate your grips decision and monitor the resolution of each reporting.

Reduce your costs by taking advantage of the viralization, with KIBARO, every citizen becomes a field agent within the community.

Gain proximity and image with citizens by providing the answers that really care from our secure platform

Citizens committed to serving the community

Citizens who report incidents in real time. Alerts that are automatically sent to subscribers. Incidents are monitored by the administration, which launches calls for tenders. Professionals offer their expertise by responding to calls for tenders.

  • Everyday incidents
  • Real time
  • Call for tender
  • Monitoring of works
  • closure of processed reports
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